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Calculating Texas Child Support

CHILD SUPPORT GUIDELINES-BASED ON THE MONTHLY NET RESOURCES OF THE OBLIGOR 1 child 20% of Obligor’s Net Resources 2 children 25% of Obligor’s Net Resources 3 children […]

Child Support Law Acronyms

A quick helpful list of common child support related terms one hears in the IV-D Child Support world. ACF-=Administration for Children and Families AAG=Assistant Attorney General AOP= […]

In Texas, Why is 301 Days After a Divorce Special When it Comes to Paternity

In Texas, if a woman delivers a baby up to the 301st first day after her divorce ends, her ex-husband is very likely still the presumed father […]

GDPR: Fines increased by 40% last year, and they’re about to get a lot bigger | ZDNet

Being More Productive Through Technology in 2021 Without Going Crazy Because of it.

One of my personal goals for this year is to streamline processes and develop systems for staying organized and managing tasks. I am already an organized person, […]

Online Court Tips for Attorneys

As with clients, lawyers need some help too in this new age of remote court appearances. As attorneys, we ourselves have learned quite a bit about the […]

Online Court Tips for Clients

Due to major courthouse changes caused by the 2020 global pandemic, you may find yourself appearing before a judge electronically by remote video. This trend has some […]

Do you lose your visitation if you fail to pick up the child on time?

A Universal Family Law Problem Parents sometimes come to me stressed because the other parent would not allow the child to go with them for visitation because […]

Sample Zoom Court Hearing