Online Court Tips for Attorneys

As with clients, lawyers need some help too in this new age of remote court appearances. As attorneys, we ourselves have learned quite a bit about the dos and don’ts in appearing virtually for court. For example, we’re aware different courts use different tools. This can be a bit frustrating at times since the lack of uniformity creates the burden of having to learn multiple systems, especially when we work in different local jurisdictions. We’ve discovered that modern lawyers have to be proficient in at least Zoom and Microsoft Teams, since they appear to be (for now) the more popular solutions used by courts. We recommend attorneys get acquainted with how to operate these popular solutions so they are not stressed when emergency remote hearings come. Lack of foresight in gaining technological competence in using court videoconferencing tools may be a recipe for disaster. Some other solutions attorneys may want to also get familiar with are: Skype, WebEx, and