About Us


I am a former Assistant Attorney General (AAG) with the Office of the Attorney General of Texas – Child Support Division and current Houston child support lawyer at Pierre-Louis & Associates, PLLC. I am also a certified mediator focused on helping parents and kids. I created this informational and educational blog site to help parents and families learn more about family law and the specifics of child custody and support.

Having worked in-house at the Attorney General’s office, I know child custody and support law impacts millions of people. Whether it’s undergoing genetic testing when establishing an order or defending against the threat of jail when that order is being enforced, Texas family laws are invasive and  tough. Parents and spouses owe it to themselves to know their parental rights under the Texas Family Code. Yourchildsupportlawyer.com will help you know your rights.

Family Law Attorney & Mediator

At Pierre-Louis & Associates, PPLC, I use my AAG experience and skills to help my clients navigate divorce, establish custody and support orders, modify orders, and defend against enforcement suits.  Some of our firm’s divorce and child custody and support cases settle through mediation with little drama between the parties. Other cases require complex litigation spanning many months. Whatever the extent of the case, our law firm’s goal is to diligently protect our clients’ interests and help them obtain the best possible outcomes.

Former Educator

Prior to managing Pierre-Louis & Associates and working for the Attorney General of Texas, I taught elementary school children through Teach for America in the Houston Independent School District and obtained a Master of Education degree from the University of St. Thomas. My interactions with kids, their development, welfare, and family lives, influenced my decision to join the Attorney General’s Child Support Division. Working with kids led me to found the law firm and focus on children’s custody and support issues. All my experiences contributed to the publishing of this helpful blog site resource.  A school teacher is both a psychologist and a social worker. After law school, teaching prepared me well for the legal profession and educating parents through this site.

Again, Welcome,

Mac Pierre-Louis, J.D., M.Ed.