Video Highlights

  • Owe significant back child support arrears?
  •  If you lose a job, you may consider hiring a lawyer to file a modification of your current obligation amount.
  • An obligee who has the right to receive child support, to sue a non-custodial parent obligor for contempt of court through private lawyers or the Attorney General of TX.
  • Judges want their court orders followed. Many judges Will make an example of someone who they feel chooses not to follow a court order to support their children.
  • A custodial parent obligee’s job of proving in court that a non-custodial parent obligor failed to support their child includes showing: there is a court order, the obligor knows it, and he is aware of how much to pay, where to pay, when to pay, and to whom to pay, but still failed to do it. AND she'll try to show the obligor has no good clear defenses for his failure to pay.
  • Enforcement actions include up to 6 months in jail