Some highlights from the video:

  • Geographic restrictions are orders that a child's primary residence address be restricted to a specific geographic area
  • Geographic restrictions sometimes become very contentious because it indirectly restricts or limits the primary custodial parent's right to move to a place outside of the restricted zone.
  • In Harris County Texas family courts, it is quickly becoming the norm that a noncustodial parent who wants a geographic restriction will get it if he can prove it's in the best interest of the child.
  • Geographic restrictions can be very customized. They can be as restrictive as say the narrow boundaries of the school district. This works well when the parents permanently live near each other and near the child’s school. But the geographic area can be as large as say the borders of the continental United States. this might work out in the case when the parties are able to make distant travel possible for the child.
  • Most common type of geographic restriction in Houston Harris courts is to grant a restriction to Harris county and its contiguous counties.