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  • The uniform Interstate Family Support act also known as the UIFSA is a law that governs how support Orders will be established and enforced across state lines.
  • Under the UIFSA, parents have a harder time avoiding to pay child support by leaving the state.
  • Under the UIFSA, State A where an example mom lives can ask state B where dad lives to establish an order over dad to have him pay support.
  • The UIFSA deals strictly with support, that is child support, medical support and support arrearages. The law does not deal with custody or let a judge make a determination as to who the child should live with.  And some cases, Texas's incorporation of the UIFSA law does allow a parent to get a DNA test to establish their parentage before they are ordered to pay support.
  • Imagine for example a custodial parent mother is living in Texas with the child and the father is living in Florida, a state where I am also licensed, under the UIFSA, the mom could either go to the TX Attorney General's office and ask them to send her transmittal packet over to the state of Florida requesting that their IV-D child support office nearest the father establish a child support order against him over there in Florida. Or this TX mom could call up a Florida-licensed attorney and have them go after the father privately in the state of Florida.
  • Now imagine the reverse. That dad lives here in Texas and mom lives in say Louisiana with the child, then mom could either go to the Louisiana IV-D child support office and tell them to send her transmittal packet over to the Texas Attorney General Child Support Division requesting that their TX child support office nearest dad in establish a child support order against dad here in TX.
  • Either way it works, the UIFSA provides a way for the custodial parent to establish a support-only order over the noncustodial parent who lives in another state.

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