Video Highlights

  • Known as simply “child support court,” IV-D Courts are administrative law courts tasked with establishing and enforcing child support orders.
  • Cases are prepared and brought to court multiple times each month by assistant attorney generals and child support officers.
  • You may go to court to establish custody and child support orders, modify orders, or enforce nonpaying orders.
  • Typical morning  routine:  Wait for the judge to call your case. Depending on what type of case you have and whether or not the other parent is present, you either go home, negotiate with the other parent and the state attorney, or have a hearing in front of the judge so they can make a decisions.
  • In Houston Harris County, you are typically expected to be prepared to stay all day in child support court because you never know when your case will be called.
  • Do not bring children to court.
  • Courtroom attire is advised. When your case is called in child support court, it’s usually a pretty fast affair if the parties are agreeable on all issues. Contested cases may take a bit longer to resolve. Each parent can bring their own attorney to help them obtain the best deal possible to help protect their children, their money, and their liberty.


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